• DJ/ Remix Artist/ Producer/ Daydreamer/ Philosopher /Smart-Ass

  Who was that guy playing the music?  

  A highly-skilled open format dj, who meticulously cuts and blends various genres including top 40 hits,
  house music, R&B, hip-hop and other random nonsense all-in between, rolled up into one gigantic 
  cluster of what the heck, but ends up sounding pretty good, people have fun and seem to like it?  
  Yeah, thats Ash.  

  Influenced by the greats of the golden era, evolved into the present state of the dj.
  It all started at gravel-pit parties in 1999 with a Radio-Shack mixer and a CD binder, 
  Ash has now been the dj for over a thousand combined functions. 
  Dozens of weekly bar and nightclub residencies, hundreds of weddings, school dances,
  trade shows, and multiple large-scale events playing for over thousands in attendance.

  Proudly residing in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan Canada, Ash is currently a resident dj at a top nightclub
  in the city, playing every weekend along with djing other random dances and events around the city
  or province on any given day.  In between gigs, hours are spent going through new music, digging for 
  classics, creating mashups and other fun stuff.  Ash is a savvy remixer, always customizing popular
  songs to his own personal taste.  He has also recorded over 100 dj mixes that have a combined total 
  of over a million streams world-wide on the internet along with his weekly radio mixshow
  "Groove Therapy"  featured weekly on
Block Rock Radio.


Resident Dj @ Pink Nightclub in Saskatoon 2015-Present

Winner 2012, Saskatoon "So You Think You Can DJ?"

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